Dispute resolution

PPB Advisory is committed to ensuring that we are understanding and responsive to the concerns of our external stakeholders.

Concerns and complaints

PPB Advisory is committed to listening to and resolving concerns and complaints about our services.

If you are concerned about any aspect of our services we invite you to first contact the partner responsible for the service to attempt to resolve your concern.

If you remain dissatisfied with the response you can raise your concern in confidence by submitting the below form or write to us at:

The Complaints Officer
PPB Advisory
GPO Box 5151
Sydney NSW 2001

What to expect from PPB Advisory

Our Complaints Officer will review your concern and attempt to resolve it within two business days.

In the event that your concern cannot be resolved in that time our complaints officer will advise you within two business days how long we anticipate it will take to resolve your concern and keep you regularly informed of our progress.

We keep records of complaints which we use to improve our services.

Why put the complaint in writing?

Putting your complaint in writing helps us:

  • to properly understand the nature of your problem and
  • to ensure we contact the right person at PPB Advisory to resolve your claim and
  • to resolve the issue quickly.

If you are unable to put the concern in writing please provide a contact phone number and we will ring you to obtain further information.

Any concern raised will be treated in confidence by a person independent of the concern or problem raised.