Energy and utilities

Electricity, water and gas utilities in Australia are under unprecedented pressure to deliver improved service quality, lower prices and enhanced social and environmental benefits.

Electricity, water and gas utilities in Australia are operating in an environment where investors are wary, politicians and policies are fluid, customers and communities are actively engaged, threat factors are deliberately targeting utility assets, and investments are vulnerable to commercial and technological disruption.

Achieving the right balance in the utility ‘trilemma’ is therefore not simple and requires the industry and individual organisations to genuinely transform themselves – or have it done to them.

For the industry, this means learning from global expertise and experience from international markets; influencing and achieving bipartisan political support for integrated policies the provide certainty over the mid-term; effectively managing the disaggregation of the value chain and entry of new market participants; balancing and integrating diverse new technologies within existing systems; and maintaining positive public perception and participation.

For individual organisations, this means implementing new business models; redesigning structures and processes to be more efficient, integrated and agile; delivering enhanced customer and human experiences; investing in innovation and human capital; and leveraging technology and data to increase enterprise value from physical assets.

PPB Advisory is Australia’s leading energy and utilities advisory and management consulting firm. With over 20 years of experience in Australia and a broad international network of clients, we actively engage at all levels of the industry – from industry bodies, rule makers and market operators to individual participants across the value chain.

We believe we have a significant role to play in supporting our Australian utilities to transform and thrive in this new world.

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