Professionals Connect

Professionals Connect is a member network that provides advisors, accountants and lawyers access to industry experts, peer-to-peer discussions, education and up-to-date information on the latest issues impacting professional advisors and their clients.

PPB Advisory hosts regular forums for members to discuss key business issues affecting them and their clients. Previous topics include:

  • economic updates and the likely impact on small and medium enterprise (SME) markets, presented by leading economists
  • the business of divorce: dealing with the financial fallouts and implications of a breakdown
  • distressed family businesses
  • franchising
  • internet and technology financial start-ups: participants and where the market is headed
  • social networking and associated business threats: how to protect businesses
  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO) enforcement rights presented by Ross Burns, ATO Director of Complex and Strategic Recovery
  • trusts: their complexities in light of regulatory tax amendments
  • self-managed super funds
  • asset protection and estate planning.

We provide our members with access to leading experts, and an opportunity to discuss issues facing their practices and their clients’ businesses. Professionals interested in receiving our updates and attending future events can join our network by subscribing here.

We can assist advisors and their clients by developing sustainable debt management programs. PPB Advisory is regularly engaged by all of Australia’s major retail banks for advice on assisting distressed borrowers. We have a strong understanding of banks’ requirements, and how to work with them to achieve positive outcomes for advisors and their clients.

Free of conflicts often encountered by multidisciplinary firms, PPB Advisory is an independent firm specialising in corporate advisory, restructuring, forensics and insolvency services.

We do not undertake any business services, tax, audit or compliance work. We work with advisors to assist financially stressed businesses and preserve them where possible.


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