Our client partnered with our Experience Design team to design an app for optimising their customers’ experience of searching for and buying products. Our client wanted the app to be easy for customers to use within the context of their busy daily lives. The goal of the app was to increase sales and reduce administrative burden by making the purchasing process more streamlined.

Our guiding principle is always simplicity. We employ the most efficient processes to achieve the desired outcome quickly, while ensuring a robust and sustainable solution. It all started with an enthusiastic meeting of minds – us and the client – applying design thinking to their technology idea.

Knowing how to engage with the target audience in real and refreshing ways helped us to map out the vital ingredients of an app best suited to their buying behaviour. For us, it’s critical to understand how customers behave in the context of their environment tailoring the end product to meet their personal needs and expectations.  

We avoided the traditional focus group format in favour of meeting with customers in their homes. Giving them a prototype of the app, we asked them to use it going about their daily tasks.  We were able to observe how the customers wanted to interact with the client and its products and tweaked the app’s functionality to suit. Design thinking quickly draws out the best information at the start of the assignment avoiding the drawn-out trial-and-error process typical of most technology projects.

Our approach not only gathered better information, it also served to accelerate the development phase. Our team produced a working prototype app that was fit-for-purpose, on-brand and ready for market launch in weeks rather than months. This rapid and accurate design capability is what puts PPB Advisory and Litmus Group ahead of the game.