Our team conducts independent investigations for clients relating to fraud, corruption and misconduct.

Allegations of improper behaviour by employees, including senior management and outsourced providers are inevitable in today’s complex business environment.  PPB Advisory investigates:

  • Allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct, including bullying and harassment.
  • Breaches of policy and procedures, including Codes of Conduct, conflicts of interest policies and procurement policies.

Our team utilises our in-house forensic technology and data analytics capabilities to further enhance investigations undertaken.

Our forensic investigations provide fact-based evidence which allows organisations to make informed decisions regarding potential criminal, civil and disciplinary proceedings against wrongdoers.

Our fraud and corruption risk management services support clients to design, implement and evaluate their approach to the prevention, timely detection and response to the risk of fraud, corruption and misconduct. We also assist clients in measuring the performance of their fraud and corruption control strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Our fraud and corruption risk management services include:

  • performing fraud and corruption risk assessments
  • delivering fraud, corruption and misconduct training
  • developing fraud and corruption control plans and policies
  • forensic data analytics
  • fraud stress testing
  • forensic audits.

We specialise in responding quickly and comprehensively to clients’ investigative needs, providing the necessary evidence to inform decision making.  Our risk management services allow clients to ensure they are maintaining a fraud and corruption risk management framework which meets the expectation of boards, audit committees and external stakeholders.

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