Code of practice

PPB Advisory is a leading advisory firm which has built an enviable reputation in the markets it serves for helping individuals, businesses and organisations to overcome complex issues in a sensitive and skilful manner.

Our reputation is defined by not just what we do, but importantly by how we do it.

Our Code of Practice is underpinned by our core values and outlines the principles which guide our behaviour and decisions. The purpose of this Code of Practice is to set clear expectations and publicly share the standard for professional practice our clients and other stakeholders can expect from us.

The five principles are:

  • We exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.
  • We demonstrate integrity, dignity and respect.
  • We act as custodians of the assets of others.
  • We strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients and other stakeholders.
  • We contribute to the community.

Our Code of Practice demonstrates our commitment to building our business with integrity and the value we place in elevating the professional standards of our firm and the profession.

We exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct

  • We maintain independence and act with honesty, objectivity and impartiality.
  • We expect our people to give their very best and whilst we seek to develop our staff, we do not tolerate poor performance.
  • We act within both the spirit and letter of the law and comply with this code, PPB Advisory’s policies, and codes maintained by relevant industry bodies.
  • We are thought-leaders in our profession and actively contribute to the self-governance of the profession.
  • We are transparent about the nature of our relationships – both formal and informal. We resolve all conflicts of interest, real, perceived or potential, ethically and transparently.
  • We are transparent and disclose how we are remunerated for our services with clients, relevant stakeholders and approving bodies.
  • We are mindful that we work in situations where often there are challenging financial circumstances. We always manage matters in a timely, cost-conscious and commercial manner, with the aim of facilitating a positive outcome (including a financial return) to stakeholders.
  • We respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality.

We demonstrate integrity, dignity and respect

  • We act with candour when dealing with each other, our clients and other stakeholders.
  • We strive for workplace diversity and value each other’s differences.
  • We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, unlawful discrimination or any offensive conduct whether in the workplace or in our dealings  with other stakeholders.
  • We act with empathy for stakeholders.
  • Our core values: to be respectful, ethical, collegiate, innovative and professional underpin and inform all that we do.

We act as custodians of the assets of others

  • We protect the assets and interests of stakeholders as a guardian and caretaker. With that come wide-ranging responsibilities to act fairly, skilfully and sensitively, often in highly charged and challenging situations.
  • We strive to work collaboratively with other stakeholders, and balance their respective rights and entitlements.
  • We engage and communicate with clients and other stakeholders in an open, clear and timely manner.
  • We proactively address the concerns of stakeholders. We have an independent complaints process, managed by a dedicated problem resolution officer who is committed to responding to any concerns within 48 hours.

We strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients and other stakeholders

  • We approach each matter with a positive attitude and endeavour to put businesses on a more sustainable footing.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit to deliver better results through exceptional communication, insights and understanding.
  • We focus our efforts on where we can have the greatest impact and consider the expertise and experience required on each matter before selecting a team.
  • We provide independent and professional advice even if it means respectfully challenging our client’s perspective.

We contribute to the community

  • We endeavour to make a positive difference to the communities in which we work, including where possible saving and optimising businesses and essential social infrastructure, preserving employment opportunities, facilitating and expediting payments to affected employees, providing contacts for relevant support services, and ensuring the timely return to creditors.
  • We believe that as a successful business made up of people of diverse backgrounds and experience we can make a positive impact in the community and make our people’s work lives more fulfilling.
  • We encourage our staff through paid volunteer leave, fundraising and pro bono assistance to engage with and contribute to local communities both through the PPB Advisory Foundation and generally.

Leading people, outstanding results.